Taking a bodysex workshop is transformative. We focus on overcoming negative body image and pleasure anxiety.
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Dates and locations for all upcoming Bodysex workshops with other Bodysex Leaders. Find a workshop near you.
Take Live Workshop w/Carlin
Virtual work is still available with Carlin (link above). My next live workshops will be in 2024. "Add My Email" to receive notice of future dates.
Betty Dodson Orgasm Project
Listen to real women answer questions about their orgasm: how they connected to pleasure, moved past trauma, and learned to love themselves.
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Our best-selling necklace in sterling silver w/pink tourmaline.
Internal Clitoris in White Bronze
It's anatomically correct in size and perfect for presentations.
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Custom tees featuring Betty's favorite tagline and vulva flowers.
Sex by Design
Betty Dodson's life story. Her rise to feminist icon and PhD sexologist.
Betty Dodson's Liberating Masturbation
Buy an original, unopened copy of Liberating Masturbation - this is a first print edition.
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Betty Dodson's Bodysex Workshop
We filmed a Bodysex workshop in High Definition for the ages. Betty, Carlin, Sheila Shea, and several women joined us in the circle.
Carlin: My Orgasm
It was just me, Lawrence Lanoff and a camera. I wanted to share my sexual history and take you through the Betty Dodson Method.
The Orgasm Doctor
Watch a private session with Betty Dodson and two of her clients. This clip breaks down the Betty Dodson method.
Betty Dodson's Orgasm Masterclass
We put together this Orgasm Masterclass to break down everything you need to know to enjoy a fulfilling sex life.
Recent Articles
Our first session was enlightening as much as it was frustrating.
Bodysex showed me that sexuality has no age limit and erotic pleasure has no expiration date.
A Major Healing Point for Me was the Acknowledgement That I was Normal
Pleasure evades us for two interwoven reasons: our bodies are not our own and our time isn’t either.
I drove home warmed by the thought that I am continuing Betty's legacy.
The Clitoris continues inside the body...Betty's drawing is perfection.
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Betty's uses this technique in her private practice and we teach it in our Bodysex workshops.
Porn is addictive for the developing teen mind.
No two clitoral hoods look the same. Ultimately, your clitoral hood is the male equivalent of foreskin.
We can heal our pain...together.
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Step by Step instructions for using your barbell.
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Betty Dodson's Orgasm Masterclass
We put together this Orgasm Masterclass to break down everything you need to know to enjoy a fulfilling sex life. Included are two clips detailing Genital Show & Tell and Betty's Rock 'n Roll Orgasm Technique.
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