Eszter Pallagi

I’ve always been orgasmic for as long as I can remember, yet Bodysex has made my whole life so much better – not only my sex life, but also my relationship with myself and others and
the way I feel myself in the world.

The first time I heard Betty and Carlin talking, I felt like I had arrive home: women talking about the way sex works well to us, women. Not to our partners, not to our relationships, but to us. The clear and female pleasure-focused information, the supportive attitude and the validation of our desires filled me with a warmth I had never felt before, and almost immediately I felt that this was such a treasure and a value that I wanted to share with others.

My life has definitely improved since Bodysex has been a part of it.

Like many other things, our sexuality is a lifelong, ever-evolving journey with different states and stages. I have experienced the terrifying emptiness and absolute ecstasy of my sex life, and many phases in between – I feel that Bodysex supports me and all of us women, to ride these waves with a consciousness and confidence and reconnect with ourselves again and again.

Sharing my time between Budapest/Hungary and Vienna/Austria, I offer individual Bodysex (in person and online) and Bodysex workshops. I hold coloring circles to reconnect to our erotic fantasies and I make vulva castings to celebrate our beautiful vulva.

I am open to work also with topics regarding female sexuality involving BDSM and tantra.

You are welcome to my programs and/or to have a short call for you to see if Bodysex and I are a good match for you.

I speak and work in Hungarian, Italian and English.

Orgasm for all women!


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