Kristy Lowther, MSW (she/her) is a sexual empowerment coach and educator who has spent over twenty years studying the field of sexuality. She identifies as a cisgender, queer woman who recognizes the importance of creating spaces that intentionally center underrepresented voices. She is passionate about helping people show up authentically and dedicated to empowering individuals through education, coaching, and transformational experiences.

Kristy is a certified Bodysex Instructor, mentored by Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross. She obtained a BA in Psychology with an emphasis in sexuality and gender studies, and a Master’s in Social Work, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is also a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE®) and has an Executive Certificate in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion from Georgetown University.

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No matter what we face we can always reach down, hug our vulva, and take an orgasm.
Something shifted during the retreat.  I could be at Menla, run a circle, and share Betty stories without tearing up. 
Pleasure evades us for two interwoven reasons: our bodies are not our own and our time isn’t either.
I drove home warmed by the thought that I am continuing Betty's legacy.
The Clitoris continues inside the body...Betty's drawing is perfection.