Betty's Rock 'n Roll Orgasms Technique

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People always ask about Betty's Rock 'n Roll orgasm technique.

She spells it out in First Time Orgasm, and Learn a New Orgasm: How to Upgrade Your Masturbation Technique

Basically, you're lying on your back with your legs bent hip distance apart...rock your pelvis forward toward your belly button and squeeze your pc muscle then relax your pc muscle as your roll your pelvis back to the ground.   Breathe in while you rock your pelvis forward and squeeze your pc muscle - then exhale as you release your pc muscle and your pelvis back to the ground.  It's a small, subtle movement.


Then you add clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration for total vulva happiness.  Don't be disappointed if it takes some time to learn the steps.  Trust me.  It's worth it.

Here's the breakdown in Betty's own words:

THE PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLE: Consciously relax your vaginal muscles while taking several deep breaths. Then very slowly press your middle finger inside your vagina. Once inside, circle your finger feeling the contours of your vaginal barrel. Take a deep breath and relax all the surrounding muscles and focus primarily on the muscle that stops the flow of urine. Now squeeze and release this muscle on your finger. You will feel your vagina gripping your finger softly or firmly depending on the strength of your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. Take your finger away and watch your entire genital area move from your clitoris to your anus when you contract the muscle by lifting up and squeezing. Do not bear down. Lift and release. Lift and release. Be sure to check out how to do Kegel exercises under Betty's Vaginal Barbell.

BREATHING: Next lie down on your bed, a futon, or a blanket on the floor. Make sure you are comfortable and warm. Place a pillow under your head. Your feet are on the floor with your knees bent and your legs at a comfortable angle. Take a series of deep breaths exhaling with an audible sigh. Send loving thoughts to your body. During your masturbation session it's a good idea to be able to hear yourself breathing out loud. Getting oxygen into the blood stream is essential for clitoral engorgement. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. If your nose is stopped up, do both the in and out breath with your mouth. Most women tend to hold their breath during sexual arousal so make sure you breathe.

PELVIC ROCKING: Avoid tensing up and holding your body rigid. Move your pelvis like Elvis. Roll your hips. Do a little dance lying down. Use all the movements that feel good. Loosen up and stretch. Smile. As your hips rock forward and back the muscles in your body flex and relax similar to an athlete in motion. Take a minute and dance to the music of your choice with rhythmic pelvic thrusting along with deep breathing and sounds of pleasure. Remember sex is about having fun and feeling good. During your entire masturbation session, a gentle rocking motion can become perpetual motion. Rest if you get tired.

PENETRATION WITH PC MUSCLE: Now that you are in touch with your PC muscle, you are ready to do slow penetration. If you are new to vaginal penetration begin with your finger. Then use a peeled carrot or zucchini gradually making them bigger. Just be aware that squeezing your vaginal muscle will tend to push the veggie dildo out so hold it with one hand. If you have Betty's Barbell, penetration virgins or postmenopausal women unaccustomed to vaginal penetration will place the smaller ball of the Barbell just at the vaginal opening (inside the vestibule). As you begin to squeeze and release the PC muscle, observe the sensation. Penetrate your vagina very slowly going an inch at a time while pausing to grip and release the dildo or Barbell with your muscle. Once the Barbell is inserted, it stays in place leaving both hands free. Your veggie dildo will get pushed out as you squeeze the muscle, so hold it in place.

CLITORAL STIMULATION: With the Barbell in place, add clitoral stimulation first with your oiled finger. Release all expectations of what you "should" be feeling. Just observe what is happening without any judgments. Stay with manual as long as it feels good. When you desire more clitoral sensation, add a battery vibrator. Stay with this for as long as it feels good.

For women using an electric vibrator, begin with the switch on low. Its okay to experiment with high later on, but the low setting will allow you to take time and enjoy all your pleasurable sensations. Keep a light touch. The whole point of self-loving is to train your body to tolerate higher levels of sexual pleasure that last longer than a few moments.

I use Betty's Rock 'n Roll technique during masturbation and partner sex. You can't just lie there and expect orgasms to fall down from heaven. At first, it felt like it was too much to think about but eventually with enough practice it became second nature.  I promise - if you use the rock 'n roll technique in your masturbation practice, you'll train your body to orgasm during partner sex.  Just don't forget to do your own clitoral stimulation.