Rosa Maria

Bodysex is transformative healing, it is my joy and where I belong. Before my first Bodysex workshop, I was orgasmic but I felt less connected to my body. Reading Betty’s book Sex for One – The Joy of Selfloving guided me in a deeper way to my masturbation practice and I reconnected to my body and sexuality. I then decided to go alone on a hiking trip for a few weeks in nature with selflove and masturbation as the force. After the trip, I contacted Betty and Carlin and went to my first Bodysex workshop in 2014. During my first workshop, something broke free in my heart, I moved into a higher plane of consciousness and transformed myself through selflove and pleasure. I managed to go to this blissful place with the wisdom that comes from Betty Dodson and the support from the sisterhood. I could be vulnerable, trust my body, and surrender to pleasure. 

I believe that if we as women shall attain total freedom we must own our bodies and get equal pay. After this profound experience I was empowered, I felt more self-esteem, and wanted to pass it on to other women. I had found my feminism.

In 2020 I became a Bodysex facilitator in Iceland. I have a base in gender studies and folklore, I have worked for the Icelandic Sexology Association and have done Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Pranayama teacher training.

Pleasure is your birthright and your power comes from your right to pleasure. If we are to be free we also have to begin by owning our bodies and stating our sexual pleasure. It starts with ourselves, that’s the power of selfove. When we are connected to ourselves, we are connected to others. My passion in life is that every woman can be shame-free and experience sexual pleasure and freedom. I provide space for women where we shed shame, celebrate our bodies, and move into pleasure.