My name is Lakota Fradette, and I am a bodysex facilitator in the mid Michigan area. 

I offer virtual and in person one on one coaching. I also offer in person bodysex workshops in the mid Michigan area. All bodies with a vulva are welcome to attend any type of work with me. 

I have endured childhood sexual abuse. For years I fought back and forth on how to move through it. I read all the books, embraced the practices, and I ultimately found that talk therapy kept me in my head and stuck within my abuse for years and years. It wasn’t until I found bodysex that I decided “yes that happened to me, so what?” Bodysex taught me that we all have trauma of some kind, it’s what we do after it that really changes worlds. Bodysex taught me how to reclaim my body, reclaim my sexuality and live a self-full life, no matter what the world had or will throw at me. Bodysex taught me that my body belongs to me, for me. 

If you’re hoping to reclaim your body from a past abusive situation or from the society that teaches us to forever please others, and you would like to explore and start focusing on pleasure in your life, bodysex will take you out of your mind and get you focused back into the beauty that is your body. That is all bodies. 

Honoring the body and the pleasure it is capable of is absolutely groundbreaking in healing the trauma we all carry. Self  pleasure is a raw truth (genuine honesty) that only our bodies can tell and only our bodies can receive. 

You deserve pleasure. If you’d like to connect or talk please reach out to me anytime and we can schedule a quick phone call or a zoom. 

You can read my blog posts about sexuality as my website and there you will find Workshop dates and events as well.

Instagram @bodysexmichigan 


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