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Dear Betty and Carlin,

Love the site, think it is a great educational tool with practical advice and straightforward information - thank you! This is not so much as an ask Betty, but an answer Betty. I am writing as a past sufferer of frequent urinary tract infections after sex - i have noticed there have been some letters to you on this subject and that the only recourse many know has been going down the antibiotic route, which of course then leads to other problems, such as thrush which doesnt help your sex life either, like being caught in a catch 22 situation! You mentioned in one of your replies that if anyone knew of anything to help to let you know.

Well as a past sufferer having discovered something natural to help I'm letting you know. After having little luck with an answer from the medical profession ( I wont bore you with the tales of all the tests i went through) in desperation I searched the internet and about 3 years ago i came across this fantastic natural stuff - waterfall d mannose, a natural, non addictive, no side effects birch sugar derivative - on this site run by two amazing people, John and Anna who have a lot of experience of dealing with people with Urinary tract infections, having both been sufferers themselves. Honestly this stuff has revolutionalised my sex life, for those frequent sufferers just take some before sex, and then some after, it is very rare now that i get any problems, if i do the symptoms are normally mild and are usually because i didn't remember for some reason to take the sugar. If you do get any symptoms they are then cleared up naturally and relatively easily by upping the dose of the d-mannose for a couple of days - and no thrush at the end to further restrict your bedroom pleasures :)

I highly recommend a visit to their site, they ship all over the world and are a mine of information if you talk to them. I hope you find this information useful and, if you do, can get the word out to other sufferers of this problem.

Kind regards

Thanks EH,

Yes, I too ended up using d-mannose years ago and it works. Thanks for jogging my memory. Since it's a simple sugar the body doesn't use it for energy, so it passes through the urinary tract and flushes it out similar to cranberry juice. However, d-mannose is even more affective. I'm going to their website right now.

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