Why Is My Penis Shrinking?

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Betty Dodson

Dear Betty:

I am a 57 year old male. My penis length was 7" and girth almost 6 "s For the past 2 years my testicles and penis has been getting smaller. My penis is now 5" and girth 4 and one half inches. Why am I getting smaller and what can I do.I work out and havent gained any weight. Please help...Frightened male.

Dear JC,

As we age, gravity takes a toll and things do shrink or appear to be smaller. You know the old saying, "Use it or lose it" so I hope you are allowing yourself to enjoy frequent sessions with masturbation. You might also try getting a penis pump that will expand your penis while it is under suction. Maybe bringing blood into your penis on a regular basis will help, but I'm only guessing here.

Also when having partnersex, consider using a cockring that will hold the blood inside your erection longer. Finally you can check in with your Urologist and have your hormone levels checked. I'm squirting estrogen inside my pussy so there's nothing wrong with getting a boost from a testosterone patch for you.

Dr. Betty

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