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For Valentine’s Day, our coaches wrote about how we learned to love ourselves.
Our coaches wrote about their relationship with menstruation. From period tinctures to "red wings", its all here.
Our coaches wrote about their relationship with fantasy. Thinking about something that inspires us helps the mind follow the body.
No matter what we face we can always reach down, hug our vulva, and take an orgasm.
Our pubic hair preference is quite personal and reflects our connection to our body.
Our Bodysex Coaches Answer the Opening Question in Bodysex.
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Betty's uses this technique in her private practice and we teach it in our Bodysex workshops.
Porn is addictive for the developing teen mind.
No two clitoral hoods look the same. Ultimately, your clitoral hood is the male equivalent of foreskin.
We can heal our pain...together.
If you have any questions or would like to start the certification process, fill out our application.
Step by Step instructions for using your barbell.
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Can't Orgasm Since Menopause

When I reached the point you're at now, I embraced my vibrator without any excuses or feelings of being sexually inferior.

Female Ejaculation Letters

Read women's real experiences with female ejaculation. It is real but has been co-opted by male-centered pornography.