How Can I Stop My Fantasies?

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Dear Dr Betty,

I kind of stumbled onto your site and feel that it would be helpful to me if I could unburden myself to you about my fantasies. I have felt guilty about them for as long as I have had them and I never had anyone that I could talk to about them. I'm really not sure when they started, but I think it was when I was in my teens. Here goes. My fantasies always revolve around being bullied by older Nuns, being humiliated by them and ridiculed by them. Sometime it's just one, but often by several of them. In the fantasy I am standing in front of them, they are seated, and I am made to remove my clothes.

Sometime I have my hands tied behind my back. But I am naked in front of them and helpless. I am made to stand right in front of them as they proceed to examine me, sexually, laughing at me, at the size (or lack of size) of my private parts. They tell me that I am pathetic and that they have seen bigger ones on newborns. They reach down underneath to grab and squeeze me so hard that I am up on my toes, crying out in pain. They laugh and tell me to get used to it because I deserve to be punished.

Then they all take their turns and push me down on my knees in front of them. One by one, they lift up their robes and grab me by the back of my head. They force my head between their thighs to make me lick and suck them until they are completely satisfied. Sometimes I am forced to dress in girls clothing, and when they raise their robes, they are wearing strap-ons on and I am made to lick and suck them before they shove them up inside me, laughing continuously at me. Finally, they take me to the seminary. I am still dressed up in girls clothing, where all the priests are, and they tell them I will make a great plaything for all of them. Then I am used by all of them, continuously, as the Nuns watch and laugh at me.

I was never abused by the nuns as a child, although I was spanked by them in school when I was young. I was made to pull my pants down, then my underwear, and bent over their knees and spanked. This was with the permission of my mother, who never disciplined me. I wish that I wouldn't think about these fantasies all the time, but I do. I feel very guilty about them. Any suggestions on what I could do to stop them? Any help would be appreciated.


Dear Tony,

That was a hot fantasy! You're like a friend of mine who used to worry about the gang bang with a dozen Irish cops. Seems her mother always threatened the police would come and punish her if she didn't behave. So you actually got punished by the nuns and believe me, pulling down your pants and underwear while bent over a nun's knee and spanked is clearly the source or your fantasy. Sorry, but that kind of discipline is a form of abuse! Your fantasy is a way to rehearse those moments of childhood humiliation, except by ending with an orgasm, you're reclaiming your power from those nasty authority figures. Your fantasy is not the problem; it's the guilt feelings that follow.

My suggestion would be to eliminate the guilt- it's like any addiction that you can choose not to embrace. Then begin to add some new elements to your fantasy. Be creative.

After you have orally pleased all of the nuns, the football team arrives and fucks their brains out while you watch and masturbate. You get the idea. Just remember, we play all the roles in our fantasies, so you are also the nuns as well as the little bad boy. Don't sweat it, just enjoy it until new fantasies capture your sexual attention. The idea is to build a repertoire of fantasies. This particular one will always be a golden oldie.




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