My Go To "Trick" for Orgasm

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Betty Dodson

One of the first emails is from a gal writing for a woman’s magazine: They are doing a piece on how women can have the best orgasms/sex life possible from “experts.” I get right to it. The last question is: “What is your own go-to trick when it comes to reaching an orgasm in your own sex/masturbation life?”

Well, I answer, it not a “trick” it’s actually a skill.

First I want privacy! Phones turned off, a towel placed on the bed and my Magic Wand vibrator has been fully charged. I chose a favorite dildo and place a bottle of Almond oil next to me. I begin with a vulva massage while scanning my sexual fantasy repertoire. Once I choose one, I begin with the vibe near but not on my clitoris. Next I do slow, very slow penetration matching my fantasy as I bring the vibe closer to my clitoris. Today it's a modified rape fantasy. A way too big penis slowly pushing into my way too tight little virginal vagina. Finally I will be fully penetrated by my beloved which can be “Daddy” or “Big Brother” or “Prince Charming” depending upon my mood.

My current favorite dildo has weight. I lay the oiled knob of this Obsidian 10 inch phallus just at my vaginal opening. As the vibe grazes my clitoris I squeeze and release my PC muscle allowing the weight of my dildo to press in just a tiny bit before I pull the muscle in tight again, pushing the knob out while moving the vibe closer to my clitoris again and again. Until I can no longer hold back and the dildo plunges in all the way up to the hilt.

Once full arousal is reached, I allow myself to get close to coming, but pull back and breathe deep, dropping back down. I repeat this pattern called "edging" for up to 30 minutes while remaining in fantasy mode. After several passes, I can no longer hold back. Finally letting go, I release all my sexual tension into a full body orgasm; laughing and howling and at times, even sobbing with ecstasy.

I ended by telling the writer that I really didn't expect the powers that be to approve of my personal masturbation technique. It's too subversive and threatening to Patriarchal as well as Matriarchal controls to maintain absolute power for the 1%. The writer promised to push for it’s inclusion.

Following that, I was turned on and did what I had just written about. It was even better than usual except for a cramp in my left leg that caused me to orgasm sooner than I desired. Note to me: “OK Dodson, there’s the motivation you’ve needed to leave your little slice of heaven and hit the street, park or Health Club, if you want to continue edging orgasms for at least thirty minutes. An hour or more would be even better.”