Am I Too Young to Use a Sex Toy?

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I am a healthy 22-year-old female, and sadly, I have not had sex in over a year now. I can reach orgasm on my own by clitoral stimulation, but orgasm only once because my clit is too sensitive, although there were a few rare times that I was able to orgasm twice. So my question to you is this... am I too young to use a sex toy?

And if not which will you recommend me to try? I was thinking about a dildo, but the problem is that I still live with my parents and I do not think I'll be able to hide it well. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Dear M,

So what's wrong with having one orgasm? If you practice edging, building up and pulling back to increase sexual tension, one BIG one is quite enough for most of us. If you are having "quickies" then just wait a few moments and let clitty calm down. Then go again. Also using copious amounts of organic massage oil for all vulva contact (especially the clitoris) allows us to masturbate longer. A sex toy such as a vibrator makes us come too fast unless we know how to use one. So stay with your fingers and add oil.

Your statement "I have not had sex in over a year" indicates you don't consider sex with yourself as "SEX" (silly girl). I say masturbation or self-love is some the best sex I've ever had and I've fucked thousands beginning with the seventies sexual revolution before slowing down just a bit after menopause. Then in my seventies, I lived with a young man in his twenties and we had regular robust sex together for ten years.

Today I recommend using vaginal penetration with clitoral stimulation at the same time. Any organic zucchini pared down to your desired size is a temporary dildo that you can eat after you've had your way with it. Also my vaginal Barbell is made out of stainless steel and looks like a one pound paperweight. No one will ever guess what it's for. So enjoy yourself. It's the longest sexual affair you'll ever have!

Dr. Betty