After One Orgasm I Feel DONE

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Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. B,

I hear all the time about the multi-orgasmic capability of women. For me, after I come, I feel DONE. I'd love to be multiorgasmic, but the feeling of wanting to get off go away after I orgasm. I have pressure/tension orgasms (still trying to master tension/relaxation ones - my mom bought me a magic wand so I hope that helps!).

I have tried to continue to stimulate myself after an orgasm, but it just doesn't feel good anymore. Will I ever be able to have multiple orgasms?

Dear B,

Although you didn't mention your age, I'll assume you're a teen. First having one good orgasm is quite enough for most of us. One of the problems with so much sex information available is that we get piggy too soon and want it all NOW!

First off the Magic Wand would be better for Mom instead of you. Once you start using it nothing else will work as well and Voila! you are now hooked on it. I would rather see you perfect the Rock n Roll Orgasm that will take some practice. But once you learn, it's the best. Remember, when you get used to the Wand, it goes with you when you want to have sex with your first boyfriend. Not all them take so kindly to a power tool in bed with his beloved.

Invest in my book Sex for One and a bottle of organic massage oil. Keep reading around on the site and stay with your hands for a slower buildup. Your mom will LOVE the Magic Wand while you get to develop some hot sexual fantasies to keep you interested in exploring your sexual body. Happy O's.

Dr. Betty