I'm Losing Friends Because of My Sexual Choices

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Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

I have fulfilled many of my sexual curiosities and/or fantasies. The one thing I can't seem to get over is how you got past the fact that people you knew would judge your career choice about sex and that they would see you naked. I have lost many friends by various sexual things I've being naked in front of my mom, showing a picture of my penis, letting a friend give me a blowjob and then telling his wife I seduced him (lie), telling people I tied bottles to my foreskin and showed them, etc.

Dear S,

The people who judge those of us who are brave enough to defy America's ridiculous Puritanical Morality are often cowards. I believe that secretly they too would love to feel more freedom in their own sex lives. My fine art training really helped me to defy convention. Creativity is about seeking my own personal vision, not following some worn out tradition.

One thing is for sure, being who we are sexually will get rid of all the people we don't want to hang out with anyway. Besides, fulfilling our curiosities and fantasies it makes our lives much richer and more exciting. Stand tall and be proud!

Dr. Betty

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Wait. I'm all about sexual freedom and all. (Beautiful work of yours, by the way!) But isn't this person getting off on making people uncomfortable?