How Can I Make White Stuff Come Out of My Vagina?

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I've been having sex with my boyfriend for months now and i love it. he does everything right but i think i've either masturbated too much or i dont know how to cum. he always says " I Wanna see some White Stuff ... " What the hell is white stuff? How can i make some white stuff to come out my vagina ?!

Dear A,

I fear you have both fallen for the G spot hype. You need to masturbate more so you can better understand your sexual response patterns. Don't listen to your uninformed BF. He is NOT doing everything right if he's waiting for you to squirt "white stuff" which isn't female ejaculation. The reports usually describe a clear fluid. His precious "White stuff" is a vaginal discharge that's from a pussy out of balance. Google yeast infection or read what we have on our website under vaginal discharge.

Then go to "First Time Orgasm" and read my suggested steps on how to become orgasmic. Your clitoris is your primary organ for pleasure. The vagina is the birth canal that all little boys want to play inside of instead of bothering to find out what you prefer. But of course you would have to know that first so you can tell him.

Dr. Betty

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