Loss of Interest in Sex After Having Three Children

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Dear Dr. Betty,

Ever since my first child was born I lost the interest in sex. I have always loved sex and my husband and I always had amazing sex before I had my daughter but now I just can't get into it. I used to love for him to suck my nipples now I can't stand it and when ever I cum I lose all interest in it. Please help! My daughter is already 3 and I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old, so we still have sex. But it's not the same.. it's ruining my marriage..

Dear M,

It seems to me that having babies so close together is what's ruining your marital sex. With three small children to care for, that doesn't leave a lot of time for sexual pleasure. If you nursed your babies then nipple play has become associated with feeding a baby. We all lose some interest to some degree after we've had an orgasm. Make sure you are using some kind of birth control and stop getting pregnant.

Meanwhile get a vibrator to help with your orgasms and feel free to masturbate instead of having more procreation sex. Also encourage your husband to masturbate. Right now you have your hands full so don't compare the sex you're having now with what you did before the kids were born. Be patient. Many marriages get a second wind sexually when the children go off to school or leave home.

Dr. Betty

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