Learning to Masturbate & Love My Body = Orgasms

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Betty Dodson

Dear Dodson and Ross,

you wonderful wonderful women. I can't thank, or praise your efforts enough. I enter the new year, this amazing new decade, as a fully orgasmic woman. At 38, I had never masturbated, and never experienced a clitoral orgasm, only vaginal ones with my husband. I didn't really know much about the clitoris. Of course I'd heard about it, and could probably have identified it, but much in the way that I can locate France on a map of the world. A distant knowledge, not first hand. And then, before Christmas, I met a man, who seemed to know more about my body than I did.

This piqued my interest, and one afternoon, I came across your website. I read everything on it voraciously, and then on New Years eve, decided to put it into practice, and wow! It worked! As easy as 1-2-3. But for me, this is about more than physical sexual feelings. Being able to do this gives me a feeling of wholeness and completeness. In one of your videos, you question whether a woman can love others, if she can't love herself first, and I have felt this for many many years. And with that comes disappointment in oneself. Like a lot of women I guess, my developing years when I should have been experimenting with my body and sexuality were marred. I carried a residual feeling that sex was something I didn't deserve, that I couldn't be a sexual being, that others were out there having an amazing, guilt-free time, but not me. I often though that I should have therapy to unlock these feelings, but the thought of unlocking wasn't something I felt I had the energy to do.

But actually just learning to masturbate and love my body has had a profound effect. That residual feeling, gone. Completely gone. In its place is an amazing amount of sexual energy, and I find myself wondering, wow, what did you do with all this energy before, where did it go? And I can't wait to start using this energy - its empowering me throughout my entire life. So, Dodson and Ross, Isn't life amazing? You can be in one place one day, and find yourself somewhere completely different the next. I can't thank you enough. You women are an inspiration to the world. If you come to the UK anytime, please let me know. The champagne will be on me. x (And by the way, the man who knew more about my body than I did, I've already thanked him. Many times).

Dear L,

Thank you for this delightful email. What I loved so much was hearing from a woman who was having vaginal orgasms and suddenly discovered her clitoris and freed her sexual energy once she could do it for herself. Whoopeeee!!!! Way to go girl. I want to post this to inspire all the troubled feminine souls who are still searching for vaginal or G spot orgasms. The clitoris remains supreme!

Dr. Betty

Dear Betty,

For me, the orgasms are very different. The vaginal ones are very earthy, and quite violent, and leave me feeling exhausted and spent, and I also experience - not always but sometimes - a feeling of blackness and emptiness afterwards. The clitoral orgasms for me are much more refined, more pleasurable, and very very joyful. There's a complexity to them that the vaginal ones are missing.

I would love you to publish my post.

L x