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It seems like a million years ago - driving into Betty's with Grayson to sit down with the NY Times.  This is our first post-COVID-19 piece and I couldn't be prouder of Betty.  Somehow no matter what's going on around her, Betty is right on point.  Here is my favorite passage from You are Your Safest Sex Partner:

Ms. Dodson made her entrance dressed in a slouchy bathrobe, its chest pocket monogrammed with the letters, B.A.D., “my initials, Betty Anne Dodson,” she said, eyes crinkling, before returning to her theme.

Sure, an orgasm can be noisy at times. “Usually, though, the sounds are a lot more guttural, deeper, more animalistic,” she said. “The legs tremble, the whole body trembles. I’ve never seen that in pornography.”

So why do so many women feel obliged to put on a show enhanced by a soundtrack of moans and shattering screams? “The guys don’t want to see real orgasms, they want the porn orgasm,” Ms. Dodson said caustically. “It’s an ego thing. They want to see the kind of effect they’re having on a woman.”

“A real orgasm,” she added, leaning forward for emphasis, “is something that no matter where it comes from, a woman takes for herself.”

I miss Betty terribly. Bodysex seems like another life ago. I know one day we will be back in the circle....soon.

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jay wants knowledge


Like all great things, performative sex can be gratifying if both partners are educated and knowledgeable about their bodies. With the assistance of Bettys techniques I’ve learned to be a more patient and assistive lover. The sounds of satisfaction often reflect the synchronicity and being at complete peace within the moment.

I thank you & my wife thanks you. Please consider more couplesex expose’s in the future, as the fault lies not in the theatrics, but in the lack of knowledge on how to please one another without resorting to tension orgasams.