Yeast Infections Killing My Sex Life

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Hi there Gorgeous Betty,

I was wondering if you could help. I have been under a lot of stress lately after an accident, I am physically recovered but going thru psycotherapy /counselling about my abusive father (physically abusive not sexually) and also my husband hit me one time and I called the police, he has since done a course Men Against violence and has changed heaps (ie. dropped the bad behaviors and kept the good) Problem is, I used to only get a yeast infection (candida) occasionally, but it seems to be happening more often now and it is ruining our sex life (although we love oral sex and other things). recently when we made love (intercourse) with me on top, and no yeast problem, it felt so divine, so exquisite.

But now again, even though I feel horny when he is inside me I feel discomfort, itching, a total non turn on! My diet is impeccable, we live on an organic farm, grow most of our own food, I don't eat sugar and crap food. My sister reckons its stress related. My husband also found something on the internet that said that there is a connection between using saliva while having sex (ie., on his cock or my pussy) and increasing yeast/candida/thrush. that you should use a lubricant instead. any ideas? love your website! thanks so much!!!! I love the books I have bought from you.


Dear L,

Stress is a killer when it comes to enjoying sex but having orgasms reduces stress. So when you have an itchy vagina, be sure to masturbate by stimulating your clitoris. Since you have organic food available to you, it's probably not your diet. These mischievous bacteria thrive when you have an abnormally alkaline environment in the vagina. Avoid antibiotics because we know they upset the flora and fauna in our vagina's and the entire intestinal tract. Try using pro-biotics. Or insert an acidophiles capsule inside your vagina to restore a balance.

The self-cleansing aspect of the vagina is basically sound. But in the case of a yeast overgrowth, there are many things to consider. Some women are allergic to the chemicals found in personal lubricants or ones that contain glycerin. If you and your husband are using condoms with a water based lube, that could be the problem.

I'd need to know what kind of birth control you are using. Other sources for a yeast overgrowth are tight clothing, meds, your type of birth control, etc. A good resource for vulvovaginal health is The V "Book by Dr. Elizabeth Stewart, a Boston based gynecologist. Or get A New View of a Woman's Body by the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers. Both available online. Instead of saliva, you might want to try my Sliquid Organics Natural Lube that has a bit of vitamin E as a preservative. I've used this massage oil successfully for many years.

Thanks for the compliments. It's always nice to hear from another woman who has enjoyed my work.

Dr. Betty