Would It be Weird if I Used a Strap-on With My Wife?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

My penis is 4.5 inches long and i want to give my wife something more. we have used several extensions but they fall off and do not work good. would it be weird if i use a strap on?

Dear J,

Just so you know, your penis is within the average range. Again this is where porn sends out the wrong message the same as it does for women.

There are more men than we realize who have used a strap on with a dildo sized to please their wives. I'd suggest you start off modest by carving a zucchini and let her decide the best size. Our eyes are often bigger than our bellies and vagina's. The other thing that Eric has done successfully is simply holding a dildo in his hand which gives him more control. The harness offers a nice feeling when your body touches hers but holding the dildo sitting between her legs will give you a lovely view.

Any man who is smart enough to do this will also be able to continue love making long after his penis has gone soft. Remember, women are capable of continuing as long as the clitoris is engaged. Using a dildo levels the playing field for those women who like to fuck for an hour or more. More men need to tune into the fabulous advantage of sex toys.

Dr. Betty

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