Will Using Organic Oil for Lubrication Give Me UTIs?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I'm 59, and I have just started to learn how to have enjoyable sex. I've been plagued all my life with UTIs.

I've been warned to use only water based lubrications or I'll get UTI's, and/or urethritis. When researching G spot orgasms, I read that almond oil is the best lubricant, but again, I have not tried it because of the fear of getting my urethrae clogged, thus getting a UTI.

Can you please explain how these organic oils work with the genitalia and how they will, or will not create a problem.

Dear K,

Congratulations on exploring sex as a postmenopausal woman. Just want you to know that some of my best partner sex took place during the decade of my seventies. Since you are past getting pregnant, use almond oil or organic coconut oil. All of those water based lubes are full of nasty chemicals and are intended to be used with latex. Unless your partner is wearing a condom as a form of protection against contacting or spreading some form of STI (sexually transmitted infection). As senior citizens I doubt this is the case.

Do yourself a BIG favor and forget the G spot. At best it's very indirect clitoral stimulation by pressing on the ceiling of your vagina irritating the urinary tract that sits on the other side. You might consider getting a vibrator and use it above or on the side of your clitoris during vaginal penetration.

Read around on the website for more sexual information. It's always a good idea to urinate after partnersex. Urine is antiseptic and flushes out your urinary tract automatically. Also a product called D-Mannose which is a white powder mixed in water is a great natural way to flush out the urinary tract. Try to avoid antibiotics as they create a bigger problem. Happy orgasms,

Dr. Betty

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