Will Labiaplasty Help Me Orgasm?

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Betty Dodson

I don't have especially long labia, but I was wondering if labiaplasty could help me. I'm 22 and I've never had an orgasm, even though I try to masturbate regularly and have used a vibrator. I love having sex and my body and I don't have any hangups, so now I'm wondering if my problem could actually be in my anatomy. My clit is tucked away between lots of folds, and it's not very sensitive and my partner can't reach it with oral sex. In my case, could labiaplasty to trim everything help?

Dear BH,

Labiaplasty does NOT help a woman learn to have orgasms.

Have you read First Time Orgasm on my website? If so read it again and follow my easy step by step process. Our genital anatomy is rarely the problem for a woman wanting to learn how to have orgasm. My experience suggest it's always about learning sexual skills and that doesn't happen overnight. So stay away from the hungry plastic surgeons who will be more than happy to take your money and it still won't guarantee orgasm but practice and patience will.

Dr. Betty

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