Which Lubricant Do I Use for Which Sex Act?

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Betty Dodson

Hi Betty!

I'm an eighteen year old male and I will likely be losing my "intercourse virginity" within the next coming months. I've gained so much important information from books and from your website that I'm sure when the time comes it will not be as nerve racking and it'll be a much for enjoyable experience for both of us.

Recently I bought Now Solutions all-natural almond oil and two Sliquid lubricants. My question pertains to what situations each of these lubricants should be used for.

Is Sliquid's Organic lubricant edible? Will I and should I use it during cunnilingus or would Almond oil work better? I guess what I'm trying to figure out is what sexual activities are best served with each form of lubricant.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much

Dear W,

It's great to hear from a young man who has prepared himself for a positive first time sex with a partner. Congratulations! Water based lubes such a Sliquid are to be used with a latex product like condoms. Oil will eventually break down latex. If a woman is on the pill, an intrauterine device or using the rhythm method, then oil is best. Just remember that when you use oil, put down a large bath towel as oil can mess up your sheets. Also oil is always better for masturbation.

The problem with water based lubes are all the chemicals that are added. Also they taste terrible. However, Almond oil has no flavor and coconut oil is quite pleasant tasting. During oral sex, your own saliva is all that you need. Just remember to keep her clitoral area nice and wet.

Emails like yours are so heartening to know our information will make first time partner sex a pleasure instead of the awful, embarrassing experience it usually is for most couples. I applaud you.

Dr. Betty

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