When I Touch My Clitoris It Isn't Sensitive

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I am a 25 year old female, and my problem is I can't climax. Well I can but only with vibrators, never on my own with my fingers or while having intercourse. When my partner performs oral sex, it doesn't feel good, or bad i can just feel it.  The same thing is true with my clitoris, when I touch it it's not sensitive.

It does not feel good or bad, but I feel it. I started masturbating at about 13 years old with shower heads and that went on for a few years, that might be the reason why my clitoris isn't as responsive.

Is there anything I can do to fix that?

Dear C,

Once a woman has learned to have her first orgasms with a form of stimulation far stronger than human touch, I say just accept it. Yes, you can go through a long struggle of returning to a lessor form of stimulation which requires getting all your vibrators out of the house. But so many women who have tried this end up frustrated and return to vibrator sex. Let's face it. Vibrators are here to stay and like men's online porn, we will just have to learn to live it best we can. So when it comes to sex with a partner, just bring your vibrator along for a threesome.

My book Orgasms for Two describes the best positions for including your vibe with a series of drawings I did. I"m told that soon we'll have full body robots for sexual entertainment with orgasms. Time marches on!

Dr. Betty

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