What Household Items Can I Use to Practice Penetration?

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Hi Betty,

I have never had penetration before but I want to try doing it myself. I don't have access to a vibrator or any sex toy. Will a mini cucumber with a condom on do the job? What other house hold things can I use?

Dear L,

The first time vaginal penetration is best done with your own finger well oiled. But only after you have spent some time stimulating your clitoris to get turned on. As for veggie dildos, a zucchini or carrot can be carved down to size. If its organic, once you have removed the outer skin, you don't need a condom. BUT if its GMO, I'd suggest you wait until you can get an organic one.

Also read "First Time Penetration" on our website. You'll want to engage your pelvic floor muscle (the PC muscle) during the process. Many women have fucked a gazillion household items that are too numerable to mention. Just be creative and use lots of lubrication. My preference is organic Almond oil or coconut is also good. You are smart to be the first one. Then you can help guide a lover when the time comes.

Dr. Betty


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