What To Do With My Teeth During Oral Sex?

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I've never been a big fan of oral sex, but my current boyfriend really seems to like it so I want to get better at it. Problem is, I cannot seem to "hide" my teeth well and hurt him. He is very thick, and I do not have a big mouth. Please give me as many tricks as you can!!!


Dear M,

Big dick small mouth means you will be holding his penis with your hand or hands around the base and spending most of your time tonguing and licking just the top. It will be a hand job with a sweet wet mouth teasing the most sensitive part of his penis. Keep it wet with lots of saliva or use a massage oil that has little to no taste. I get my unscented tasteless Almond oil from my local health food store.

Don't think of sexual skills as "tricks" because it does sex information a disservice. Now that you have the information, it depends upon practicing what you learn. Enjoy!

Dr. Betty

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