Tiny Pink Bump on My Vulva Has Me Worried

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I've been very worried lately. About two or three weeks ago, a guy stimulated " fingered me" but before any of that, I have shaved and, after he did it the next day and day after. I shaved when I felt hair down there.

Now a couple days before my period I got this little pink bump, on the outta lip of my vagina where I had shaved. it doesn't really hurt. I'm scared I might have a std. Btw I'm a virgin too so I'm so scared.

Dear A,

It sounds more like an ingrown pubic hair NOT an STD. Even if his fingers were not recently washed, that's not how most STD's are spread. Instead of getting some decent sex education and information, you've been drenched in fear about all the terrible diseases you can get from dirty sex! That's aimed at keeping you from ever enjoying an orgasmic sexlife thanks to organized religion.

I would never shave every day especially in the beginning. Let your skin heal. You need to use an after shave lotion to close the pours. Try trimming your pubic hair with a pair of scissors in the future. Most of my clients and the women showing up for the Bodysex workshops have pubic hair now. Slowly women are owning their sex organs instead of letting pubescent boys and men hooked on porn dictate the "look" of our vulva.

Instead of getting involved with partner sex, you first need to develop your orgasms through masturbation. That way you will learn how you like to be touched instead of being a potential victim hoping "something" will happen. Go into the website and start educating yourself about female sexuality so you can stop being such a scardy cat.

Dr. Betty

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