Son Likes to Wear My Panties

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I have a problem with my son who is 16. Recently he has taken a liking to wearing my panties. He thinks that I don't know about his fetish because he replaces my panties carefully, but I know. Last week I discovered that two or three of my sanitary pads were missing, and yesterday I found one pad in a basement wastebasket. Obviously Bob had masturbated on the pad. I can't help thinking he wanted me to find the ejaculation. In the past I had noticed a few Kleenex tissues with ejaculate on them in his bedroom but that seemed very normal to me.

Bob is a model youngster. He has quite a few friends, both male and female, and he gets good grades in his high school. My husband and I have never spoken very openly about sex, just the normal amount I guess. We get a lot of magazines, among them Playboy.

I don't know what I should to do but I am sure that you can help me.

Confused Mother

Dear Mom,

Most sex professionals agree that to make a big deal out of this kind of harmless fetish would create more of a problem than solving one. Wearing your panties while masturbating is harmless enough. You might consider asking him to please go buy his own panties and sanitary pads and leave yours alone.

Or you can buy him a pair of panties and request that he stay out of your drawers. Just don't condemn what he's doing. He'll probably grow out of it.

In either event, his sexual preference is already in place. It's my opinion that acceptance is the best way for you to handle this.


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