Sometimes When I Penetrate My Vagina I See White Stuff

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Betty Dodson

Dear Dr.Betty ,

I am 16 years old and started masturbating when I was around 12 years old. I still haven't had sex but I do penetrate my self with a small bottle of cream (that's empty) when I masturbate, and I've noticed recently that every time I finish, when I take out the bottle it has white stuff on the end, some times its clearish then others its like straight up white; that sort of looks like cum. it doesn't happen every single time I masturbate but it happens frequently; could it be uti or vaginal infection ???

I've been thinking that I'm ready to have sex with my boyfriend of 14 months and that gooey stuff just scares me, and makes me insecure to the point that I don't even want him to finger me because I think that whatever that is will creep him out ... Help me please !!!


Dear A,

Our vaginas naturally have mucous inside that changes with our menstrual periods and diet. So you do not have an infection unless the mucous is yellowish, foul smelling and itches like crazy. Then it could be trichomoniasis (you can check out more information on Google.)

We seem to think that "sex" only means intercourse. But that is procreative sex. Masturbation is also sex and sharing masturbation is a form of partner sex. Don't worry so much about your boyfriend and make sure you have your birth control in place before you embark on penis/vagina intercourse. I didn't go "all the way" until I was 20 but I enjoyed a lot of manual sex with my boyfriend.

Dr. Betty