Sometimes I Feel Stimulation Very Deep Inside Me

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Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

Most of the time when I'm being stimulated by something I feel myself getting wet and excited in my vulva area. But sometimes I feel stimulation very deep inside me, very far away from my external clitoris.

Having watched you draw the entire clitoris, I'm wondering just where it is that I'm feeling this powerful stimulation. Some where on the pelvic floor?

Dear T,

Since you have seen how extensive the internal clitoris is, once all of the tissue is engorged (female erection) deep inside would be the entire vaginal area including the pudenda nerve that is connected to the spine. Some women (a few who experience this) call this the "deep spot" or simply a "vaginal orgasm."

It requires a penis or dildo that can reach what I call the "cul de sac" which is under the uterus when it "balloons" or lifts up following a complete female erection. Since few men and/or women do not spend enough time increasing a woman's arousal this seldom happens. I say if it feels good, enjoy it. I repeat: An orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm! It's about embracing PLEASURE in any and all forms.

Dr. Betty