Should I Become an Escort?

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Dear Betty and Carlin,

I am hoping that you can give me some advice in regards to entering into sex work. I have the opportunity to take up work as an escort in October, but am not sure whether or not to do it. I'm a student that could really use the cash but have never had sex with someone I am not in a relationship with and don't know how I would feel in the moment when it's time to get laid/paid.

I have laid out my provisions (paid a set amount each time, protection ALWAYS, and needing to see a clean STD test prior to any sexual contact) and am wondering what else I can do to help make this decision easier/safer. I understand that there is no absolute way to tell until I'm in the situation, but maybe you could help shed a little light?

Thanks for your help ladies you are wonderful!

Dear A,

Will you be working as an independent or part of an established business? Is there any kind of screening set up? Like using credit cards as they do in most escort services. If you'll be working as an independent, who will check in to see if you are OK after the session? Are you familiar with the laws in the UK dealing with prostitution? I think the most important thing would be finding another woman who's been in the business a while who can mentor you.

Dr. Betty

Hi Betty,

I will be working independently. Payment will be received no less than 24 hours prior to our meeting and will be in the form of direct deposit, as is common in the UK (i.e. I'll have his full information). I will be leaving information with a friend as to where I am meeting and the time frame that I expect to be gone. The arrangement I'm looking at is a longer term kind of thing so I think it is a bit safer to just have 1 or 2 clients on a regular basis. Prostitution itself is not illegal in the UK as only setting up a brothel, soliciting on the street, and things that would cause a public nuisance are. I think having a mentor would be a very good idea, if I only knew where to find one.

Thanks again,

Post that you want a mentor on one of the social networks in the UK. Or just start asking around. Surely one of your male friends would have some information. Otherwise you seem to have it together. So Happy Hooking!

Dr. Betty

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