Sexual Liberation Allowed Me to Realize I Was Gay

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Hi Dr. Betty,

I'm a 23 year-old woman in Australia. I just came across your youtube channel and I LOVE it! Your outlook on female sexuality is a breath of fresh air, and you are vocalizing the things I'm trying to say to my friends and family and giving me a way to form my arguments for female sexual liberation.

I was wondering if you could do a youtube video on lesbianism. I truly believe it ties in so strongly with your area of expertise, from my own experience - looking back. I bought my first vibrator/dildo when I moved out of home to uni (and had my own post office box!), and of course having my first actual orgasms shortly followed. Less than a year later, I realized I am a lesbian.

I truly believe that sexual liberation allowed me to open my eyes and realize I'm gay. I think a lot of women would benefit from a short discussion on this, and I'd like to know what you think.

Thanks, ladies :)

Dear S,

Both Carlin and I had the good fortune of having just about every kind of sex on the planet. We are both sexual adventurers. I went through a phase when I first got involved in feminism when I wanted to be 100% gay. I loved having sex with women. Later on I was very happy when the label bisexual emerged because I still wanted to enjoy sex with men. Now I'm just sexual. I think Sexual Labels can become limiting if they are etched in stone.

I think our sexual preferences are more fluid than we realize. First we discover our own orgasms with masturbation. Then we explore sex with others. Whether or not you will always be a lesbian isn't really that important. What matters is that you are enjoying sex and orgasms with your girlfriend now. That may remain and grow deeper or it also might change. So keep an open mind.

So glad you enjoy our You Tubes. Yes, we'll have a discussion on lesbian sex. Anything particular you'd us to discuss?

Dr. Betty

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