Pressure Orgasms Have Become Painful

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Betty Dodson

Hi Betty ,

I saw a video about you yesterday and I write your today because I´m very interested in getting help for what happens to me.

I am from de Basque Country in Spain, 42 year old woman.I started masturbating with 11 years old, only pushing my wrist against the mattress, and I´ve been doing it more or less the same, with my body and chest against the mattress. no painful menstruations,  I started having painful orgasms 10 years ago. I read about Dysorgasmia, but it hasn´t stopped. It occurred more after the ovulation and right after a great physical exercise or getting excited, but now it happens all the month.
I believe it is related with my digestion,and I have tried many things to solve it (hormones, chinese medicine, acupuncture...) I am taking good care of the way I feed myself.

I had 2 abortions when younger (18 and 21 years old).And I want to get pregnant now. I´m quite fast in getting excited and having an orgasm. Maybe my muscles work too hard, have you ever heard something similar? what can I do?

Thanks a lot for letting woman be free to express their sexuality, congratulations for your great job!!

A big hug

Dear N,

Painful orgasms? I'm confused because orgasms are about pleasure. Perhaps how you go about masturbating causes pain. If so, stop doing it that way. And forget any medical terms like "Dysorgasmia". Your masturbation pattern is very common and abortions do NOT affect our sexuality. On the contrary, they free us to enjoy ourselves.

It may take several tries to become pregnant at 42 but many women have done it. Your advanced age has some benefits as you know yourself better. If you believe it's your digestive system trust yourself. I think food is at the heart of most all dis-ease! If you think the pain is due to your masturbation style, change it. Always be gentle with you vulva. When you masturbate use some kind of organic massage oil on your vulva. The clitoris is very sensitive so be aware. Go inside the website and read what I have written about all things sexual for women.

Dr. Betty