One of My Inner Lips is Longer Than the Other

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hello dr.....

m 21 yrs old of my labia minora (inner lip) is longer than d other and comes out of d labia dis normal???

and i also wanted to tell that at 17 i put a thick pen[2cm by 5cm]into my vagina just as a play..i had no idea about hymen then...but i did not bleed...d entire thing went in n then wen it touched something like a wall deep inside i pulled it out..thinking it was my hymen n would break if i pushed it deep in...i can also easily insert my index finger in...does that mean i lost my virginity...plzz help...n tell me if d hymen is superficial or deep in????

Dear B,

Most women have unequal labia. Look at the drawings in my book Sex for One or on the website. Your hymen covers the opening of the vaginal entrance it is not deep inside. There are diagrams on the website and in my books that show the anatomy of the female sex organ. Stop putting hard objects inside your vagina. Carve the skin off of a zucchini, carrot or cucumber. Time to educate yourself about female sexuality. Enlightened women do not care about their virginity. They are more interested in learning about their orgasms.

Dr. Betty

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