Need Advice on Lesbian Safe Sex

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I want to know about the safest sexual practices I can use, besides abstention. I am lesbian, single and want to insure I'm not bringing anything home I don't want. Are gloves and dental dams the only option, besides getting everyone tested? Sucking on a dental dam is about a wonderful as sucking on a balloon and if guys think rubbers suck. They should try to use a dental dam.

Any suggestions?


Dear E,

When it comes to lesbian sex I personally don't believe we need to wear gloves or necessarily use dental dams. If your partner hasn't been tested and you have any doubts, non-microwaveable plastic wrap is better than a rubber dam. But in that case, I'd prefer to enjoy manual sex instead. Frankly if we had to rely on dental dams it would be the end of oralsex altogether.

Dr. Betty

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