My Pilgrimage to Masturbation Mecca

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Freedom, to claim or to forfeit, that is the question. The consequences of this choosing bode heavily on our identities, potentials, welfare, prosperity, and how we value our own lives. Ultimately, freedom is the engine that drives progress and also an agent provocateur that negotiates individually and collectively our destinies. Little wonder the notion of freedom came up often during my fourth ‘tea and tincture’ rendezvous with Betty. Who better to model, preach, and teach about the virtues of freedom than the avatar and crusader empowering and organizing phalanxes of orgasmic women to advance the virtues of self-love and sex throughout the world.

Betty was shocked to see me, mulling around in the kitchen in her bathrobe, hair disheveled, half asleep, craving her morning cup of jo. After a Dodson hug, which is of course full body contact- no ‘A frame’, we moved to her bedroom/office to chat, toke, and begin our trek on the freedom trail. Betty glanced at her calendar to confirm that I had indeed arrived on the right day. After a hearty laugh, she gladly confessed her preference for surprises, forgetfulness enabled her a rare luxury: freedom from time.  Chronos can sometimes be given time off from orchestrating our days into regimented routines and events, in turn, we get a ‘timeless now’ chock-full of surprises.

Well past our first glasses of wine-inspired conversation laced with some delectable chocolate ‘edibles’, I asked Betty whether she had remembered parts of our correspondence over the past months, specifically the notion where I suggested we would ‘wank the talk’. Yes, message confirmed, however Betty needed a question answered first: “Why are you proposing we jerk off together?” Reasonable enough given that I hadn’t provided any a priori rationale for this escapade. “To practice what we preach. That masturbation is one of the healthiest exercises available.”

Betty’s eyes lit up when I pulled off my jeans and pranced around in my Tarzan thong tailored with fringe, sort of like having a bamboo curtain for my cock to emerge through. She brought me over to a window where she delicately draped the natural light and fringe over my happy penis. Betty spontaneously making art, elevating the mundane into a timeless masterpiece. After each impromptu adjustment, there was time for contemplation, making space for sensual bliss, becoming ourselves companion works of art.

I requested that we invoke ‘the power of the mirror’ during our masturbatory tryst and set up a couple of Betty’s reclining office chairs in front of mirror panels in her living room. These are no ordinary mirrors, having been witness to decades of people exploring their sexuality, imbibing the aphrodisiac of freedom, igniting the air with their sexual energy, affirming their sexual nature. The mirrors readily invited me to partake of their most sensual reflections alongside Betty…the mirrors as apprentice artists transforming afternoon light and radiant sexual energy into erotic tapestries.

We gorged on our sexual energy while witnessing as entranced voyeurs how our genitalia reveled with delight in their erotic rhapsodies. Cock and pussy harmonizing in a duet laden with orgasmic rapture, sensual moans, and accentuated with some kinky chatter. Cock and pussy high on the aphrodisiac of freedom voluptuously posing for the enraptured artists. Cock and pussy exalting their keepers’ minds in a timeless ecstasy while adeptly brewing salubrious elixirs for their bodies.

Betty said I have a happy dick, well taken care of, fit. Yep, no qualms about it, I love my cock. I lavish him with praise and affection. I embrace him with exuberance and purpose. I admire him for his stature and demeanor. Self-pleasuring next to Betty was my pilgrimage to masturbation mecca where I was able to renew my faith in my sexuality and to assert my focus and dedication to my practice of edging orgasms and semen retention. Here I came to know Betty as a masturbatory sister. I believe for Betty I have become a Bodysex brother.

Thank you Betty, thank you freedom for guiding me to dream, to fantasize, to contemplate and to script my own unique destiny- one indelibly linked to my sexuality. ‘Claim your freedom’, a mantra Betty repeated several times during our day together, resonates in my mind as I beckon these last words to close. Claim your freedom.

Bila is the author of “The Rejuvenating Power of Masturbation”,

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