My Labia Chafe When I Run

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Betty Dodson

Hi Dr. Betty,

I read your website everyday! Thank you for providing such an inspirational and informational place.

My inner labia extend well past my labia majora. I am an avid runner. My problem is that I experience painful chafing on my inner labia, to the point where I bleed. It is very painful. I've tried tight underwear, loose underwear, tight shorts, loose shorts, and all other options.

Is this a common problem for women? And do you know of any possible solutions? Thank you so much for your time.

Dear S,

I love it that you visit us everyday. I wonder how many of our readers do this? It's the first thing I do every morning.

I have never heard this before other than a woman who complained she had a lot of discomfort when riding her bicycle due to her extended labia. So what do guys do with their balls that hang much lower than our inner lips? Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to invent a pair of panties for women runners that would be comparable to a jock strap. A jill strap!

Meanwhile, I would drench them in some organic oil to keep them slipping and sliding around with ease. Special cotton panties for that as they would be oil soaked. Experiment with a thick vitamin E oil, different nut oils or even Vaseline. Let me know if this worked.

Anything to avoid labia reduction with surgery which would be the final option if all else fails. Our inner labia are part of our erectile tissue that responds to touch and smart men/women love them best of all.

Dr. Betty

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