Maturbating Makes Me Want to Pee

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Betty Dodson

Hi Betty and Carlin!

So much love for this website and I love your videos!

So to give you a little background, I am 22 years old and I have been masturbating since I was a child. I always struggled with reaching orgasm because.. it made me want to pee. I've googled this and some say that it might be a "squirting orgasm" and all that jazz but I don't really have orgasms, or rather, they're super small. (I just bought myself a Magic Wand and have been using it everyday since so I doubt that will be a problem any longer! HA HA!!)

Anyways, I tried the obvious route of peeing BEFORE I start masturbating, but somehow when I pee it sort of dissipates my arousal a little? I don't know if I'm just being a whiny baby but I really want to know why this happens and if there's anything I can do about it since I feel like I get so preoccupied with ignoring the fact that I wanna pee and it stalls my pleasure.
Thank you for your time and much love!


Dear Winey Baby, (too cute). You are doing just fine. Why don't you go ahead and Pee so the feeling goes away and then have your orgasm? Or let it all happen at the same time. Remember the PC muscle (the one that stops the flow of urine) Loves to be squeezed and released during your entire build up. Observe how you are using this muscle.

Squeeze and then just release. Do not bear down, pull up. The more you pull up the more the sexual feeling gets enhanced. Pushing out will release the bladder and you'll pee. Which is OK too except that's not what you want.

Dr. Betty