Masturbation Saved Our Marriage

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Dear Dr. Betty,

This is less of an 'ask' and more of a 'tell' but here goes.

I am sure you are aware that most women lose most (if not all) libido after menopause. My wife lost it all about 18 years ago, and as she has a strong aversion to HRT in particular and long term medication in general, I have not suggested that she do that. There were and are too many question marks about HRT.

I knew for a year or more that she had lost all interest and enjoyment in the act, and so when she informed me of the situation I had little problem accepting her situation. I had NO intention of forcing my needs on her.

I made the point to her that I would still need sexual release on a regular basis, at that time about 2 or 3 per week, and she readily agreed that I would masturbate as and when and where I needed to. I am now in my early '70s.

I now masturbate beside her in bed, in the shower, or at the computer with my large XXX collection. The frequency is now down to about once every 4 to 6 days days, and averaging every 5 days. It keeps me sane!

Sometimes my wife enters the bathroom when I am "busy" and she takes little notice. The same at the computer but she sometimes stays to be a witness to the screen show, and my masturbatory efforts.

It is a pity that my wife, who began masturbating "as far back as I can remember" and did that "every day", lost it all to the extent that she NEVER masturbates at all now. I used to be very jealous of her seemingly never ending sessions, but of course never begrudged her the enjoyment of it.

I am content with a wife I love deeply.

Hey J,

I love Tell emails. The hormone replacement I speak of is not the standard Big Pharma crap. It's made from the soy bean plant and can be applied to the vagina directly. But that aside, I believe you and your beloved wife have developed an excellent sexual solution. I congratulate you both.

Dr. Betty

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