Love My Elongated Clitoris

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Dear Betty

I am 58 and just recently married a 65 year old widower. All my life I felt embarrassed by a very plump and elongated clitoris. A always masturbated even from a young age-by rubbing the shaft. I always felt an orgasm in my vagina and my clitoris. I love my husband so much. He is the first man to understand me sexually. He will lovingly masturbate my clitoris which is really like a small penis while I'm lying in bed in his arms for time on end. I feel so loved and complete and for the first time I know how lucky I am to be different.


Hello Betty,

I just saw the picture of a woman's beautiful clitoris in your Genital Art Gallery section. I would like you to contact her for me and tell her how fabulous her beautiful clitoris is. Please let her know that she should have never been embarrassed about such a wonderful clitoris! I'm sure there are many open-minded men like me who would love to make oral love to her fascinating clitoris. I'm so happy for her that she's achieved orgasms with her wonderful clitoris and even more happy that she's found a lover who can love her!


Dear B and E,

Congratulations you guys! How about celebrating your good fortune by sending a photo of your wife's glorious clit for my Genital Art Gallery.


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