I've Been Getting a Yeast Infection Before Every Period

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Dear Dr. Betty,

So since the beginning of this year, excluding June, I've been getting BV or a yeast infection before every period. And sometimes I get both. I've been seeing my gynecologist about this and we have yet to figure out why this is why this is happening. I'm starting to lose it, I feel like I no longer can understand my vulva. I've been married for the past 4 years and we have done some BDSM and played with other people but we haven't played with anyone else for over 7 months.

Nothing in my life had changed to make me think that my vulva would be doing this. It had gotten pretty predictable were 3 days before my period I will start having signs and symptoms of something being wrong. I can't understand it and now I'm wondering if it's my diet or my body weight? I've been using the same products that I've always had before this started. So why now? I'm just wondering if you could shed some light on this.

Thanks for your time,

Dear R,

Since you are under the care of a medical doctor, whatever she is doing is not working. So I'd try alternative healing methods. Personally, I believe you have answered your own question when you speculated "now I'm wondering if it's my diet or my body weight?" Bingo!

My answer is yes, most likely. SUGAR is the problem in most all cases in terms of yeast overgrowth and weight. Go on a health kick and get back to me with the good new about healing yourself. Good nutrition information is easily available. Good luck!

Dr. Betty

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