Is it Normal for a Straight Man to Obsess Over Men's Genitals?

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Dr. Betty,

I have a kind of unusual question, and after seeing you on television, I figured you may be one of the best and knowledgeable people to ask. My ex-husband and I have a fairly good sex life. I think he is not as freaky as he claims to be. His idea of freaky is a threesome (with him running the show). But, since I'm not into it, we have not tried it.

His hard-on seems to increase when he mentions me with another man. He frequently asks me about the size of my past lover's penis'. He has the same type of conversations with his female friends. He asks things like "Was he hung?" or "How big was he?" It concerns me a bit because I have never been around a man who wasn't gay that concerned himself with such things.

My ex-husband is very macho and considers himself an alpha male. He also used to used the word fa**** alot. It concerned me and irritated me more than it made me think he hated them.

Is it normal for a straight man to constantly ask questions about other men's genitals?

Dear Concerned,

I'm of the school that believes we all have a bisexual component in our sexual make-up. After all, masturbating is having same sex! Just like most women check out other women to see what they're up against in the competition department, guys do the same thing. In porn, the emphasis is usually on some guy's big dick coming outside the woman's body on her tits or face.

That, Darling is for the benefit of men. How many women do you are longing to have jism all over their face? So when it comes to normal, forget it. As long as you are enjoying the sex, I'd go into great detail describing the biggest, blue veined, throbbing over-sized dick you can conjure up and enjoy the increased size of your x-husbands hardon.


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