Is It Normal to Have Tiny Bumps on Your Labia?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

My labia has some ridges and some tiny bumps, at first I thought I had genital warts but I got a pap smear and I was ok, I was still worried so i went to visit the doctor and he said it was just the folds of my skin and I was ok. He gave me antibiotics and told me to stop worrying but all i think about is these tiny glands and I get super paranoid. What should i do? is it normal to have those tiny glands?

Dear L,

Throw out the antibiotics and stop being such a worry wart! If all you can do is be critical of your vulva, then stop looking at Her with disparaging eyes. You must also STOP comparing yourself to photo shopped surgically enhanced porn pussies or whatever else is your source for what is desirable. That's like looking at a fashion magazine for makeup, hair or styles with phony representations of womankind.

Yes our labia can look like Chicken skin covered with tiny bumps. Or we can see it as a decorative design that enhances our vulvas. Beauty or Ugly will always rest in the eyes of the beholder.

Dr. Betty

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