Is it Normal to Bleed After Penetration?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I had sex for the first time and I have a few questions.

He tried to please me, I found it surprising how willing he was at going down on me. In my head guys usually don't like that. He was inexperienced, knew where things were, but not too experienced. He seemed like he really wanted to stimulate the g-spot. I have never on my own experienced one of those orgasms, my hand usually gives up way before getting there. And it doesn't feel all that great, the clitoris is a lot more sensitive.

I always orgasm from masturbation and clitoral stimulation. I like it quick and easy, and I am fairly certain that I am having tension orgasms. They feel too good to really take the time to find other deeper but harder to achieve orgasms, but I only discovered orgasms 2,5 years ago. So
I'm still learning.

English is not my native language, so sorry for any bad spelling and grammar.

About the bleeding, it might feel like the posterior fourchette might be a bit sore (maybe even a slight tear). It felt like the pain I experienced with his fingers came from that area at least. Thought the hymen was kind of a myth, but not too sure now, I was excited, but not too sure about how wet I was.

But again not too sure about what can still be called .. well normal. I want to say that this much bleeding during sex is not normal, but that it can happen.

The guy had not experienced this before, but thought it might be normal (to bleed anyway).

Dear A,

Sounds like the standard disaster when first time penetration sex takes place. Neither one of you has had any sex education or information, so it's no one's fault except religions insistence on controlling human sexuality and withholding pleasure skills.

Our genitals are very sturdy and the bleeding will stop. Without adequate lubrication due to nerves and no idea of what exactly to do, you both need to read a lot more on my website to educate yourselves. His fingering was enough to cause little vaginal tears as he had no idea what he was doing. Neither of you are to blame. Sex does NOT come naturally as you have both just discovered. It's an art form not a repeat of porn which is all that either of you have accessed.

Also forget the G spot.(porn again) Squirting is NOT the same as having an orgasm. Always warm up long before penetration takes place. It's not even how most girls can orgasm anyway. It's how babies are made so it's primal but not practical for first time sex with a partner. (Again porn) Next time masturbate and have an orgasm before he does vaginal penetration and always use additional lubrication. Now go onto the website and begin to educate yourselves. The information is free.

Dr. Betty

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