Is it Female Ejaculation or Urinary Incontinence?

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Betty Dodson

Hello Betty,

I'm now 19 and am lucky enough to have been following your work, and have become somewhat of a fan girl.

My question is a bit odd but I'm hoping you can shed a light on it. I am female bodied and identify as female. I find that I'm squirting significantly after I orgasm, it can be a few minutes, but sometimes even hours later. Sometimes it happens because of a cough, sneeze, etc. and sometimes it just happens out of nowhere. My partner doesn't know I can ejaculate and doesn't like female ejaculation, so it's really stressful leading up to it. I usually have no sign it's going to happen. it's not an often occurrence, either.


Dear N,

This is just another example of why I dislike the whole "female ejaculation" phenomenon because so much of it leads to misinformation. What you have described doesn't sound like "squirting" during an orgasm. It sounds more like "urinary incontinence." That's when the pelvic floor muscle is weak and you cannot hold back urine. This usually happens to women later in life, but either way, the solution is simple. You must strengthen your PC muscle by doing regular exercises.

Go to How To Use Betty's Barbell and read my instructions. Once you begin practicing, you will notice results in no time. Youth is on your side if you remain consistent with doing the exercises. Keep track of how long and what results you witness. Then write back to report on your good news. A toned PC muscle also enhances orgasms. Yea!

Dr. Betty