It Feels Like I Need to Pee All the Time

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Dear Betty,

I'm hoping you would give me some insights to what's going on. I'm a girl, 21 years, healthy, non sexually active .Almost 2 months ago, I masturbated like once per night for like 5 days to reach an orgasm and it helps me sleep. Is that considered to be over doing it. I kinda just use my fingers to create a vibration and that's it. My real question is that after the 5 days I stopped doing it and I having this feeling like I need to pee all the time!

Sometimes the feeling would be there and sometimes it goes away. Like I'll have 3 days feeling normal and the next day feeling I need to pee all the time. The more I focus on it the more I feel like I need to and I don't focus on it I don't. What could this be?i orgasm with a full bladder so could it be Nerve damage or irritation or uti or paranoia ? I'm clueless and kinda scared and it has never happened to me before. I have abstained from self love for like 2 months hoping the nerves will heal or something.

As I have doing that, then I recently discovered that my my body misses the orgasmic feeling that even in my sleep I get an orgasm , and it happen twice this month. Interesting I have to say but wrong timing. I don't know what's going on?

Could it be a side effect or is this a normal after math after giving self love once per day. How long will it take to go away?

Your help is greatly appreciated!!

Dear E,

I sounds like an old fashioned UTI. Learn to masturbate after you've emptied your bladder. Also you can get DEMANOSE a white powder you mix with water to eliminate the urinary tract inflammation.

It's not serious but definitely uncomfortable. Then continue with your masturbation and enjoying those delicious orgasms.

Dr Betty

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