If I Use a Diaphram During My Period Will it Cut Down on the Mess of Period Sex?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I am in a wonderful long-distance relationship that I wouldn't trade for anything. He and I have been together for a few years now, but our visits are few and far between; the gaps between visits have fluctuated from three months to nearly a year.

That being said, he and I had intercourse for the first time during his last visit to the States, a few months ago. It was absolutely wonderful, and we are very excited to experience it again when I fly out to visit him.

However, I had a big let down yesterday. I got out my calendar and counted ahead as to when I'll start my period during the month of my visit with him, and, lo and behold! it's right, smack-dab in the middle of my week with him.

I have watched your video about having sex while on your period, and how you can use a diaphragm to catch the blood. How effective is this? Is there any leakage at all? My partner is very open to making love while I am menstruating, but seeing as I will be staying with him at his parent's home, I don't want his mother to wonder why on earth she is washing blood from her son's sheets. What would you suggest?

On a side note: I have just this week discovered you and this site, as well as yours and Carlin Ross's Youtube channel, and I wanted to thank you for putting out such frank information on sexuality. :)

Dear E,

Sometimes our periods are late and this might be the case for your upcoming trip. Depending upon your flow, a diaphragm would hold the blood while you are enjoying intercourse.

Our periods seem like we are passing large amounts of blood, but the amount is actually quite modest. Unless a woman has endometriosis with blood clots (which can be messy), using a disposable baby's mattress pad beneath you during sex allows you to just throw it away afterward. Voila! No laundry. Have fun!

Dr. Betty

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