If I Go to a Sex Worker Am I Abusing Women?

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Hello Dr. Betty

I spoke to you about a week ago, many thanks for your answers they helped me.

And also would like to ask a further few questions, I have been suffering a feeling of great pain, I badly need to have sexual intercourse, but I haven't had any luck with finding a girlfriend and the two married women I have had sex with claim it was a one time thing. I need a stable girl to have sex with (I have thought about a prostitute but to me that feels like abusing the woman, I couldn't live with the guilt!).

What I would like to ask is how to fight this powerful urge or how to go about satisfying it. Please help me find the solution.

Kindest Regards

Dear P,

You and a gazillion other guys really get horny when spring is around the corner. Let me correct your opinion of hiring a sex worker. You are honoring her and her profession when you are willing to pay for her services. Why is that any different from seeing a therapist? I too consider myself a "sex worker" who primarily works with women. Time for an attitude adjustment.

So until you meet a gal that you can hook up with, I recommend masturbation with a "Fleshlight" sex toy that is said to resemble the "real thing" and/or hiring a professional. Enjoy!

Dr. Betty

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