I Want to have Orgasms in a Relaxed Leg Open Position

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Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

How I wish we had this 40 years ago. I experienced my first orgasm that I remember about 10 years old by pressure, lying on the floor and tighting up. I had no idea what that sensation was, and was a small town church girl. I liked the sensation and felt some guilt with it. Fought the drive to want to do it again and again, prayed that I would loose the drive, even though I didn't know what it was. I remember looking secretively in our small school library in High School for information on masturbation, but it only mentioned boys, so I ruled that out and convinced myself I was abnormal.

At 18 I met a boy and experimented, finally with a crying confession that I was weird and something strange happens to my body when I squeeze my legs. He told me it was Masturbation and yes girls do it. From there we found a position that I could do that, while we had intercourse (for his benefit). Married him because he took my virginity and I was a Christian.

Forward to today. I am 56, have been in a new relationship of my choice with someone who is unselfish and I love, but we are babies when it comes to sex. I want to up the fun in the bedroom I want to have orgasms in a relaxed leg open position. Reading and listening to your podcasts, we have been doing all the wrong habits, I am using bio identical sparingly because I am not sure of the side affects so still have vaginal burning. He goes for the pussy in the first minute, does not kiss with soft lips. We get into it and I can bring on a leg squeeze orgasm in under 2 minutes most times.

You got the picture? I want more... Where do we begin? I know it is a loaded question, but where do I start? Your last podcast will have me practicing the rock and roll, using my hand (which I have tried and got bored). I will get a nut oil. Not fair that I do all this work, he needs to learn a few things too, giving him directions is also a turn off. Especially when you have to tell him more than once. My biggest fear is failure and reverting to the same habits.

Dear S,

Follow the directions on using bio-indentical hormones. I've used them for over 20 years with no problems. To improve your clitoral stimulation, get a Magic Wand vibrator. Go into our website and read all the information available. Your partner is a typical heterosexual man and it's up to you to train him or dump him. Your orgasms will improve immediately when you only have yourself to deal with. I'm enclosing some links to get you started.

Dr. Betty