I Love My Menstrual Cup

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Hi Betty,

I would love to share with all the ladies on this site the wonderful news about Menstrual cups. I just bought one this cycle, I love it. I am 22 have been menstruating for 11 years and this is the first time I have used something other than tampons and pads for cycle.

Cotton is THE heaviest pesticide treated crop in the world, and we are putting that into the most intimate, sensitive area of our bodies! And don't get me started on the bleaching chemicals they use!

Here's why I love the cup! The cup has NEVER been associated with TSS as it collects and stores the blood away from the vaginal wall rather than absorbing it and lingering. The cup is much more comfortable than a tampon, and it doesn't hurt to remove if its "dry". They keep your vagina happy with all its natural moisture, as tampons will steal all the moisture from your vagina. Cost effective and good for the environment- 1 cup will last anywhere from 5-10 years depending on how well you care for it.

They are no more "disgusting" than used tampons and pads, in fact they are less disgusting because 1. no trash evidence to leave behind 2. no odor at all and 3. most days you only need to remove/wash and reinsert every 12 hours. That's right 12 hours of protection with no health risk, no risk of leaking. Any one want a half box of Tampons!?

I don't mean to be a soap box, but I just want to yell this from the rooftops! I love my menstrual cup. I am never going back to putting a hard lump of chemical laden cotton in my vagina ever again. I beg your readers do their research, I did. I made the switch and am loving it!

Hi C,

I love your positive response to menstrual cups and I'm sure Carlin will post it. She too loves hers.

I stopped my periods in 1980 so I missed out on them. But i see how much sense it makes to use them. You pointed out all the reasons why we don't want to shove any more chemicals up our pussies so Kotex can go get lost.

Happy Bleeding,

Dr. Betty

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